Projects from 2007

Walungu Health Zone in South Kivu

This is a region that has experienced serious consequences of war, especially sexual violence against women. MMH Hope involvement will include trauma healing for women who have been victims of sexual violence, micro-loans to help these women start businesses and become self-sufficient, and a weapons destruction and transformation project. The weapons destruction and transformation project will encourage individuals and rebel militia members to turn in their weapons in exchange for a bicycle or roofing materials. A machine to destroy the weapons has already been purchased, and in turn the metal from the destroyed weapons will be used to develop agricultural tools.

Kinshasa Mama Makeka House of Hope Center

Logistics for lodging and transportation is a nightmare in Kinshasa. As more and more people are beginning to join Mama Makeka House of Hope in its ministries in Congo, hosting volunteers can become an impediment to involvement in some of these ministries. The center will consist of two buildings to serve as guest rooms, a reference library, conference, reading, meeting, and reception rooms, restaurant, and offices. MMH Hope is also seeking donated vehicles to assist volunteers in their travel, as transportation in Kinshasa is very difficult. The center will provide safe and convenient lodging for volunteers, income generation opportunities, and jobs for the surrounding community.


Although our involvement in Zimbabwe has recently been limited due to political issues within the country, we continue to keep Zimbabwe as a priority. Two pieces of land have been secured in the Victoria Falls area to build two community centers which will offer Bible studies, AIDS education and counseling, sports, tutoring, and a safe place for youth to spend their time. We wait and pray for doors to open in Zimbabwe for us to continue in our “One Child at a Time” project and the building of community centers there.

Queen Elizabeth Children's Home Project

Queen Elizabeth Children’s Home, located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe is a home to almost thirty children ages 0 to 10 years. Many of these children were found abandoned in public places such as bus and train stations. Some are brought in by the Bulawayo Social Services after their mother’s death which in many cases due to AIDS. Today more than half of them are HIV positive. According to Ms. Stella Soutter, Director for Queen Elizabeth Children’s Home, efforts are being made to provide a family type of environment that promotes and nurture a sense of dignity and pride for the children.

With hard economic situation in Zimbabwe, it has been hard to replace basic materials such as towels, beddings, or purchase simple commodities such as bread for the children.

Project Goal

The goal of this project is to raise $5,000 to assist Queen Elizabeth Children’s Home to purchase new towels, mattresses, sheets, and pillows for children. $32.00 US can purchase a mattress, $10.00 will buy a set of sheets and pillow slips, $0.80 will buy waterproof panties and $8.00 will purchase a new set of clothes for each child.

Furthermore, Mama Makeka House of Hope has established a sponsorship program for each child living at Queen Elizabeth Children’s Home – $30.00 per month will cover most basic cost related to taking care of each child.



30 twin size mattresses @ $33.00 60 Twin sizes sheet sets @ $10.00 100 waterproof panties @ $0.80 80 new sets of clothes @ $8.00 Personal grooming items @ $10.00 School supplies @ $10.00 15 HIV/AIDS Home Health Care Kits @ $25.00 1 bar bath soap

1 bath towel 1 washcloth 12 tubes of topical antibiotics 1 box of rubber gloves 1 container petroleum jelly 1 container medicated body powder 1 bottle of aspirin 10 box of band aid Prescription medicine @ $20.00 for 30 children

End-P001 Endowment Fund

The goal is to establish endowment fund of up to $3,000,000 dollars with a 5% annual payout with the balance of the earnings re-invested in the capital fund.

DRC-P002 Kajiji Hospital
  • Collect and assure shipment of medical equipment and supplies for the hospital and nursing school.
  • Facilitate the purchase of basic medicine from IDA and other local medical supplies.

Total budget for project: $82,500 USD

DRC-P003 Kajiji and Kikwit Girls Schools
  • Assist with the purchase of sewing machines.
  • Assist with the purchase of sewing supplies and fabrics.
  • Assure minimum rehabilitation of building.

Total budget for project: $22,000 USD

DRC-P004 Peace-Building, Leadership, and Good Governance
  • Provide financial assistance to strengthen the administrative capacity of the Center for Peace-Building, Leadership and Good Governance.
  • Assist financially and technically with the development of training materials.
  • Assure financial support for in-country travels.
  • Facilitate relationship with potential supporters and partners in North America and Europe.

Total budget for project: $35,970 USD

DRC-P005 Reference Libraries for Kikwit and Kajiji Schools
  • Assist with the establishment of reference libraries for three schools in Kikwit and two in Kajiji.
  • Assure short term training of students on library management.

Total budget for project: $20,346 USD

DRC-P006 La Perceuse Orphan Ministries
  • Assist with the purchase of mattresses, beds, and other home supplies.
  • Assist with the purchase of school supplies.

Total budget for project: $5,500 USD

DRC-P007 Women's Enterprises in Kajiji and Kinshasa
  • Assist three women’s groups in Kajiji by establishing a sewing enterprise (purchase sewing machine, fabrics, accounting training, and other initial supplies).
  • Assist one women’s group in Kinshasa in establishing a sewing and cloth making cooperative (purchase of fabrics for tie-dying, supplies, sewing machines, and one year rental cost).

Total budget for project: $13,200 USD

DRC-P008 Scholarship Fund for Women

Provide scholarship to at least two women per year in study areas of their choosing.

Total Budget for project: $4,400 USD

DRC-P009 Capacity Building for Uckin

The goal is to establish a fund for UCKIN for priority areas that will make it possible for UCKIN to become a viable institution of higher learning in Congo. Several other partners will be invited to join in this effort.

Total budget for initial project: $33,000 USD

ZIM-P0010 HIV/AIDS and Orphan Ministries
  • Assist with the purchase of mattresses, school supplies and the extension of the school for Queen Elizabeth Children’s Home.
  • Facilitate relationship between North American interested individuals and groups with individuals and community-based organizations working with children and widows in Congo and Zimbabwe.
  • Provide funding for AIDS orphaned children and HIV+ widows in Victoria Falls: medical care, housing, and school fees.

Total budget for project: $11,000 USD