Mazala Conference Center and Guesthouse

Mazala Conference Center and Guesthouse

Mazala Conference Center and Guesthouse is a 10,000 plus square feet structure being built in Kinshasa, the capital city of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It is within walking distance from the majestic Congo River and is designed to be a self-supporting base for coordination of Mama Makeka House of Hope’s activities in the DRC. It will also provide leverage for local resource development and will be a source of income to support Congo-based initiatives. The Mazala Center was designed by a Congolese architect, built with Congolese labor and mostly Congolese materials, and built in the Congolese way as funds have become available without incurring any debt. 

Currently in the final stages of construction the Mazala Center will serve the following purposes.

Hospitality and Meeting Place

The Center is expected to provide space for conferences and workshops as well as networking through teleconferencing and satellite communication. Mazala Center will provide private and self-contained rooms with built-in features to facilitate communication and transportation. There will also be a small boutique for guests that will include materials needed for in-country travel, such as toiletries and basic needs for guests whose luggage was lost during travel. There will also be kitchen services with a wide variety of international cuisine.  

Effective Technologies and Scientific Documentation

Quality information is essential for improved education, peacebuilding, health, and leadership development. To that end, Mazala Conference Center and Guesthouse will aspire to be the institution of the most visible, valued, and trusted education, peacebuilding, health, and leadership development information experts, fostering excellence in professional achievement and leadership.   

Through excellence in the quality of resources of the Center, we hope to enhance the quality of education, peacebuilding, health, leadership development, and research, particularly in the Congo and the Great Lake Region of Africa.  

Professional Resourcing

The Mazala Center seeks to be a catalyst and agent of change for Quartier Mazala.  It will also serve as an archive for Congo churches. It will house a select library for students and professionals in Anabaptist, Mennonite, biblical and theological studies as well as other select university subjects.

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