What We Do


Our goals at Mama Makeka House of Hope (named after my mother) are to support efforts in education, health, and peacebuilding in the Democratic Republic of Congo. High in priority is to return specifically to Places Called Maluku near Kinshasa and Kajiji to re-envision Mama Makeka’s gifts of hospitality, compassion, and nurture through a center resourcing educators, health professionals, and peacebuilders and to realize the Kajiji of Our Dream. This document is about creating five pillars that constitute a strong foundation for Kajiji development – basic infrastructure upon which other activities can be developed. 



At present, our active projects are in the Democratic Republic of Congo and particularly in the area of Kajiji.  

On our website you can check out our ongoing projects in Congo or read about past projects. One of the best ways to learn about our work in Congo though is to look through the Congo Photo Galleries.